Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vans Warped Tour 09

Pomona... kind of in the middle of no where, inland LA. Stinking hot, people everywhere, Lots of water and alot of great bands. If you want to see the full line-up and alot more info about the day go to and check it out there.

In the mean time here's some dodgy pictures and clips with horrible sound from some of my favourite bands at Warped.

TROUBLE where actually pretty cool. There were only a few peeps watching but i happened to sit down for a rest right infront before they came on and i actually enjoyed it.

Trouble Andrew is that guy that sings, "do you, wana see my gun ? go bang bang bang bang"

SAOSIN Were a crowd pleaser and one of my favourites. The crowd sang all the lyrics for them. I wish i had some footage of the crowd singing but i was too into it to film anything.

SENSES FAIL played alot of newer stuff which i didn't really know that well. but they finished up with "Can't be saved" (the track off Guitar hero Rock band) which was awesome.

GALLOWS were in typical gallows fine form, raw as fuck and blasted the fuck out of the crowd with raw music and rude slander. One qoute in particular that was interesting, imagine his pomy accent.

"It's good to see so many people out here to see real music " (crowd aplause)
"you don't see any computers or fucking synthesizers up here do ya ? " (aplause stops, hush)


A DAY TO REMEMBER surprised me, first of all they had a huge turn out, and all in all they blew up!
Opening with "dowfall of us all" went down well.Everbody watching was moving at some point. Whether it was a sing along, a little fist pump or kinds moshing on other kids heads.

THRICE played a variety of material from all of their many albums and didn't play much from "the artist in the ambulance" which was dissapointing. But they did play the title track off that album which was enough for me to enjoy. i was a million people back because main stage was full of peeps, but oh well

ALEXISONFIRE I enjoyed these guys most, purely because i was able to get up the front and actual see and enjoy it. They played a good mix. few new ones, few good ones and one old one. fucking good live...

If you dig Alexisonfire check out their new video for the new single "Young cardinal" off their new album "Old Crows/Young Cardinals"...



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