Monday, June 29, 2009

Sand Friends Disco Babes Kill!

Ryan nix-
Mitchy Revs has featured heavily on my blog. It’s because he is one of my best friends and is always keen to work on weird projects. This is a leftover shot from a shoot we did for Afends clothing;

Look out for him in the next edition of Stab magazine;

Cereal and junk...

eating ceral out the back with a mongoose... or 2 mongeese... or a bunch of junk. or art ?

silly cirlces

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vans Warped Tour 09

Pomona... kind of in the middle of no where, inland LA. Stinking hot, people everywhere, Lots of water and alot of great bands. If you want to see the full line-up and alot more info about the day go to and check it out there.

In the mean time here's some dodgy pictures and clips with horrible sound from some of my favourite bands at Warped.

TROUBLE where actually pretty cool. There were only a few peeps watching but i happened to sit down for a rest right infront before they came on and i actually enjoyed it.

Trouble Andrew is that guy that sings, "do you, wana see my gun ? go bang bang bang bang"

SAOSIN Were a crowd pleaser and one of my favourites. The crowd sang all the lyrics for them. I wish i had some footage of the crowd singing but i was too into it to film anything.

SENSES FAIL played alot of newer stuff which i didn't really know that well. but they finished up with "Can't be saved" (the track off Guitar hero Rock band) which was awesome.

GALLOWS were in typical gallows fine form, raw as fuck and blasted the fuck out of the crowd with raw music and rude slander. One qoute in particular that was interesting, imagine his pomy accent.

"It's good to see so many people out here to see real music " (crowd aplause)
"you don't see any computers or fucking synthesizers up here do ya ? " (aplause stops, hush)


A DAY TO REMEMBER surprised me, first of all they had a huge turn out, and all in all they blew up!
Opening with "dowfall of us all" went down well.Everbody watching was moving at some point. Whether it was a sing along, a little fist pump or kinds moshing on other kids heads.

THRICE played a variety of material from all of their many albums and didn't play much from "the artist in the ambulance" which was dissapointing. But they did play the title track off that album which was enough for me to enjoy. i was a million people back because main stage was full of peeps, but oh well

ALEXISONFIRE I enjoyed these guys most, purely because i was able to get up the front and actual see and enjoy it. They played a good mix. few new ones, few good ones and one old one. fucking good live...

If you dig Alexisonfire check out their new video for the new single "Young cardinal" off their new album "Old Crows/Young Cardinals"...



Thursday, June 25, 2009

pigs with wings and rubber duckies blowing bubbles.

So today we went and spent some more time at downunder!

rev-olution monsterman

J Grantosaurus

Joe cobradeath Hensoar!

revs x

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


you know that night out in Costa ? the first night ? no ?

go to topics column on the right and check out the Costa rica posts and check out the first night in tamarindo. Then and only then will you understand what is happening in this video.

im illi im illi im illi im illi im ill im ill....

and it keeps getting better... so we get down


DAY 1.

So after spending almost 400 pointless American dollars and somehow taking 24hrs to travel 5hrs worth of distance, we arrive in Liberia airport. Hot, damp, sticky Liberia YAY :)
But wait.................

No Boards ?
nO bOaRds ?
no BOardS ?
No boaRDS ?

There are many different ways to type these two significant words but it means the same shit.
We officially have no surfboards and they are currently in Atlanta.... FUCK!!!!!!!!!!
When will we get them ?
12 to 48 hrs.... great news.
2 days of sweating it up with a photographer and no surfboards.
Great fucking news.........

oh well our place looks nice .......

After we settle in in our friends place in Tamarindo we realise...

1) The 1st two days of this trip is going to have the best waves of the whole week, and we have no boards.

2) We are in one of the biggest tourist towns in Costa Rica.
3) Beer and Tequila is cheap !

Hence we party. Here we are at our finest....


Making Friends


Lick, Sip, Suck

Billy: i want a taco and i want the candy phone dance ???





Hartsfield Jackson Airport, Atlanta Georgia USA

off to Costa Rica !

Leave Huntington Beach for LAX...

Get half way, woah! forgot my passport. Head back, get passport, drive to airport...

Get to check in,

Check in Lady " oh surfboards ? That will be $315 sir :) "

Jman " pardon ? "

Check in Lady " 315 "

Jman "............ What the FUCK ? are you serious ? for surfboards ? "
Check in Lady " I'm sory sir but thats our policy "
Jman " Well your policy is rooted... "
Check in Lady " do you want to check the item in or not ? "

I have no other choice, Fuck !

So a short flight later i'm in Atlanta, Georgia.....
the mutha fuggin ATL ya feel ?

I Find out i have a 10 hr lay over... Wow, keeps getting better !

This is 10 hrs of fun...

me and all my friends

My Firend who mops the airport

My friend dinosaur who died :(

My old friend george, i don't like george.

Costa better be well worth it.....


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spontaneous brain combustion anyone ?

billy makes a call, we get a call. he makes a call, we get a call....and then............

we have 3 tickets to Costa Rica ???



Billy Hopkins - Throws Shakas

Jesse Adam - Rocks hat hair

Costa Rica it is.....

Monday, June 22, 2009

lukeness monster olive'oil.

so we ripped the guts out of a little old shed in a mates yard and turned it into an art shed....
pretty sweet hut/ fun house. will get some pics up soon of some whack paintings so keep your eye out!
ryan nix had his camera on him so we took a few snaps.

revs x

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another lazy day!

So its Monday, start things fresh!
just wanna shout out to all the lads overseas,xJmanx "brutal circus kicks" adam, Nando "HotRod the second" Andermoot, to Wes Bain the "oversize study gremlin" oli "baybarge" semen, Jay "i was her first C#nt root" Grainwave and everyone else out there thats enjoying themselves....

While your visiting you should check out our freinds which you will find linked on the right hand side of the page

Have fun

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Days - Episode 2

Yes, its happy days for me as I embark on my second journey of my new little video blog on the Surfing Life website.
Its about me, doing whatever, whenever.
This episode I catch up with good buddies and surfing stars Dale Richards and Chris "Chippa" Wilson as we go search for waves around our "hood" as you cool people call it.
It will make you laugh and make you cry. 
Check it out here @:
Make sure you watch episode one while your there.

ya boy

Not only does Don frank like to wave dance, he also knows his music.

The first thing that strikes a person when they meet Donavon Frankenreiter is that they’ve probably never met a person quite like him before. From his genuine nature, to his big heart, to his all-around charisma, once you connect with his vibe you realize that he is truly unique. Donavon lives an incredible life, one that he never takes for granted. His vocations and drive have enabled him to live the one person’s fantasy, as a reality.

If you like your mellow acoustic tunes check him out

Monday, June 15, 2009


Honestly. wtf is going on with Owen Wright ???

How ?

He's 1st on both ASP Pro Junior and WQS Ratings and he's 19....
fuck off..... thats amazing !

check these links to read up on the apparent "one of the best heats" in asp history


I'm Going !!!!!


26 JUNE 2009, pamona California

i will be seeing


and 50 other great bands

And yes for those who cannot make it due to being on the other side of the world i will be doing my best to provide photographic and footage evidence of some of the sickest shit ever...

click the poster to check line-ups, tour dates, ticketing info etc.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

HOLLY S#%$ !!!!!!

wow ! if you like surfing, or body boarding or skateboarding or snowboarding for that matter ! and if you havn't already seen this, than you must see this now.

jordy smith is good on a wave dancing machine...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

There is always time for a little YouTube!

He is out of his mind 24/7 on drugs, never writes down lyrics he just freestyles whenever he records a song, he manages to sweep women off their feet and is the hardest working rapper in the industry.
He IS gangsta music right now and this just so happens to be his Video Blog. Not the first episode of his Blog but one where he has just found out he has been nominated for 8 Grammy Awards.
He is one funny guy, GO WEEZY!

The Candy Phone Dance # 3

No better way to celebrate graduation day then a sly little candy phone dance on a main rode, riding no hands on a bike !

enjoy x


So My Cali host Hilly Bopkins has become a grown man now
(if you don't know hilly bopkins check out the latest chickity-check-yo-self, look in topics on the blog).
He has finished high school forever and had his graduation today. For those who have never been to an All american graduation it's just like our Aussy graduation days but 1000 times bigger and therefor 1000 times more boring !
So after the hours of boring shit and watching kids wearing those smart caps, we came back to the trailor park for some "American Tradition"
i believe it's called "shotgun a beer" (or several)...
It goes a little something like this...
Cut a whole in the bottom, pop the ring and go !

Next, feel extremely average but manly...burp a few times.

What bitch ? Give me another one !

So next time your about to crack a beer, think to yourself... "If i shotgun it, i'll get drunk 5 times as fast..."

oh and congrats billy !!!!!




whosss a cuteyy wooootyyyyy ....

you areeeeeeeeee !!!

meet Bear... name says it all. he's 8 weeks old and cute as a button... defo blog worthy...


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm a cool guy.

First off, I would like to formerly welcome myself to the Me, Myself and Mark Blog.
I'm just a kick around kinda guy, no different to any everyday human.
So why would you wanna here anything that I have to say? Am I even cool?
All I can answer to that is, Fuck yeah I'm cool! Have you ever seen me with a Yo-Yo? Obviously you haven't, but if you had you would probably want to be my friend.
But that is not the point I am trying to make. I am a normal guy who just so happens to travel a little and find cool things to do. Yes I like to party and yes I like females, which is a bonus for you because If I didn't there would be no use of me being involved in this blog. 
And I would be a homosexual.
So it's the simple things that we like to here about, eg. Did Jman have sexual intercourse with that larger looking female last night? Yes he did! and he did it well! Or was Revs vomiting all over his own back last night? Yes he was, how? I don't know but he was.
They are the cool things I want to Blog about!
So I am going to Blog about stuff, whether I am here or there. You can like it or not, just don't tell me because I would probably get really sad about it if you hate it.

Until next time.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The queens a bad influence

surfs up bitches!
tube time



don't you just love it onshore and crowded ?

Monday 8/6/09

Around 10:30 am after Billy finished catching up on his weekend detention, and filmer jimmy skips class we head off for a lowers mid-morning session... Heres a few waves from Billy Hopkins, Brother Andino, Nat young, Levi Gonzales, Luke Davis, Dylan Goodale, Myself and others...


So im Currently staying in Huntington Beach in California hanging out and having fun, staying with the Hopkins family. So what better way to get to know my new friend billy then to have him talk some shit as the next chickity-check-yo-self victim...

Introducing Hilly Bopkins

Age: 17

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Katin Surf Shop

Wavedancing Spot: Barra De La Cruz, Mexico

Music: Rap, Sca, Reggae

Billy is Huntingtons local shredder and all round hell man just surfing and having a good time. Freshly graduated from HB high school and ready to light it up on the North American junior series and beyond.

Check out this Regaton loving ragamuffin at

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ALL DAY ANTICS ! Arnette pro junior 09

The Arnette pro junior at Newport beach California wrapped up this weekend...

I was on the scene the whole weekend waiting for a spot to open for me to put a rashy on and attempt to win some heats... Turns out i was an Alternate and i didn't get to surf at all...

Naturally devo'd i took 2 pooey photos and went and got drunk with friends saturday night. (see party section for details)

I'll be brief with comp details here.

Nat Young won...

A hawaiin kid named keanu Asing placed 2nd....

Corey Arambide placed 3rd

Cody Thompson came in 4th

My honest opinion, the judging was out of wack alot of the time, Common in most junior contests but this was weird. It Could just be a bias opinion comming from a competitor from another country with a different criteria or something. But they through out some huge scores for some average surfing.
But ohwell, thats expected in shitty waves...
Check Mat Meolas perfect 10 -the only one of the event.
Was that 1 manouver wave a 10 ? you be the judge...

Apparently this was pumping Newport , It was 1-2ft and closing out a bit... This photo is a decepticon, makes it look alot better then it actually was...

My opinion... Nat was the best surfer of the event and that keanu kid tears.

and quinn Mccrystal got ripped off in a heat...

Check the highlights at
Other then that, great event, Pyched for the Nike 6.0 pier pressure at the end of the month.

stay tuned for that... x