Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm a cool guy.

First off, I would like to formerly welcome myself to the Me, Myself and Mark Blog.
I'm just a kick around kinda guy, no different to any everyday human.
So why would you wanna here anything that I have to say? Am I even cool?
All I can answer to that is, Fuck yeah I'm cool! Have you ever seen me with a Yo-Yo? Obviously you haven't, but if you had you would probably want to be my friend.
But that is not the point I am trying to make. I am a normal guy who just so happens to travel a little and find cool things to do. Yes I like to party and yes I like females, which is a bonus for you because If I didn't there would be no use of me being involved in this blog. 
And I would be a homosexual.
So it's the simple things that we like to here about, eg. Did Jman have sexual intercourse with that larger looking female last night? Yes he did! and he did it well! Or was Revs vomiting all over his own back last night? Yes he was, how? I don't know but he was.
They are the cool things I want to Blog about!
So I am going to Blog about stuff, whether I am here or there. You can like it or not, just don't tell me because I would probably get really sad about it if you hate it.

Until next time.

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