Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hartsfield Jackson Airport, Atlanta Georgia USA

off to Costa Rica !

Leave Huntington Beach for LAX...

Get half way, woah! forgot my passport. Head back, get passport, drive to airport...

Get to check in,

Check in Lady " oh surfboards ? That will be $315 sir :) "

Jman " pardon ? "

Check in Lady " 315 "

Jman "............ What the FUCK ? are you serious ? for surfboards ? "
Check in Lady " I'm sory sir but thats our policy "
Jman " Well your policy is rooted... "
Check in Lady " do you want to check the item in or not ? "

I have no other choice, Fuck !

So a short flight later i'm in Atlanta, Georgia.....
the mutha fuggin ATL ya feel ?

I Find out i have a 10 hr lay over... Wow, keeps getting better !

This is 10 hrs of fun...

me and all my friends

My Firend who mops the airport

My friend dinosaur who died :(

My old friend george, i don't like george.

Costa better be well worth it.....


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