Monday, August 10, 2009

Air Jordan ...

Gatorades newest advert involves the use of over 19000 full Gataorade bottles. Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, yellow and pink flavours where placed carefully to make this amazing Mozaic of jordans famous dunc.

awesome work.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Marks Music Machine

I've spent some time down at Quiksilver headquarters in Victoria this week, so i think it's only fitting i give the boys a plug. Our friend Kram has done an awesome cover of Blitzkrieg Bop, The Ramones Classic. 

(If you weren't aware Quiksilver have come up with an awesome collaboration and have released some rad Ramones inspired threads. You can check it all out next week when the new Quiksilver website it up. More details soon.)

Anyway this is the Clip done featuring good friends and pro surf dogs Craig Anderson, Garrett Parkes Andrew Mooney and of course, Rock and Roll god Mathew Hoy !


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The long awaited Billabong Pro Junior - Keramas - Bali kicks off with style.
The most talked up event on the Junior Series starts in 2-3 foot slop then magically evolves into the best waves ever surfed for an ASP Junior Event!

After everyone settling into their accommodation, knocking back a few cold bintangs, scoping the streets for some young ladies and doing the daily inspection of the "Bounty", it's now time to select weapons and go head on into battle against one fierce foe, a 6 foot Keramas freight-training barrel.

Early standouts include South African Dale Staples, Brent Savage, Eli Jacobs (for eating shit), Cahill Bell-Warren and of course the boy from the bush Teale Vanner.

Contest site, and an interesting looking ash tray.

A few of the boys keeping out of the blistering hot Bali sun.

Where the kids place their weaponry.

Managed to snag myself one in my heat.

Now it was a little unfortunate for some,
JMAN + scooter + caunguu + cat = No surf for JMAN.
Jesse had a little accident riding home after a late night in the bounty and came a gutser on his scooter only 100m away from where he was staying......
But knowing JMAN he kept his spirits high and didn't let a little tumble ruin his trip in Bali!

JMAN looking happy, keeping it real for the boys!

In the downtime between heats we got to really experience the Bali life style!

Up close and personal in the pool.

Flying through the air.

And of course exploring the place with your scooter.

more to come from bali so stay tuned. xo Mitchel Crews Jnr

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Arrival...

Straight out of jeans and hoodies and right into the boardies and wife beaters.

Already forgotten about the freezing cold south and straight into the hectic traffic of bali. Time to relax, have a bintang and get tubed at keramas tomorrow. These are the first few moments straight out of the airport for Crewsy and friends.

Our driver from the airport.



Hotel with the lads.

on the streets....

Contest kicks off tomorrow, time to attack some keramas bowls.
hopefully some waves to blog soon.

love jman and mi-cha-chel Crewsy Jnr...

Friday, July 24, 2009

The DIRTY DIRTY South. Fantastic Noodles Pro Junior Wrap Up.

South Oz ehhhhh??
What interests would I have with going to South OZ?
Exactly! None what so ever.
That's what I thought to myself as I boarded my flight departing from Brisbane Airport, destination Adelaide. 

It's stop number 6 on the Australasian Pro Junior Series, The Fantastic Noodles Pro Junior @ Victor Harbour. But may I dare say that the Fantastic Pro Junior was not so fantastic.
Day one was called off due to there being waves over 2 foot (which is usually the so called "ideal" conditions for a contest to run in these days so the contest directors and judges say).
There were a lot of confused Pro Junior surfers questioning the call with 3-4 foot waves rolling through Waitpinga Beach and the contest directors deciding not to hold the competition.

Sure enough the contest was run in knee high waves with a howling offshore. Might I add the freezing cold water to add to things.
So it was under way and to simply describe how the contest unfolded,

Noah Lane won.

Which is fucking great! About time the kid got up there, he rips, he has long blonde unwashed hair, he humbly works at Mt Woodgee surf shop to earn some coin to travel and he like to enjoy some beers from time to time.

There really is nothing interesting to do down at Victor Harbour.
Besides being locked in our cabins with the heater blaring playing shithead in between surfs and waiting for heats.
Although JMAN and I did stumble across something quite interesting............

What on earth is a jumping pillow???
Basically it's just a big pillow filled with air and you can jump on it. It sounds really boring but trust me, this was one of the funniest things I have done in a long time!

JMAN Pulling out the big guns on the Pillow nailing a perfectly executed backflip .
As for me.....well things were not as easy, landing on my head become common to me and so I thought maybe I would just sit out.

I'm late for a flight to Bali,
You heard me! Bali!
I've got myself a date with a large Keramas beast!
So stay tuned for Bali Blog Madness!

Crews xoxo

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marks Music Machine

OK so its my turn to bring u the clip of the week.
Seeing as we Are Australian and these dudes drop hell beats and are talented as fuck, i thought maybe a bit of Aussie Hip-hop wouldnt go astray...
All CD profits from this single go to kids in Africa that are doing it tough, so good on these boys for sharing the love.
x revs

Saturday, July 11, 2009

something different..

When a bunch of surfers go on a surf trip with a video camera, they usually intend on creating a movie that shows amazing waves and amazing surfing. But this right here is Something different !
And here at Me Myself and Mark we like different, in fact we LOVE Different...

This Road trip flick put together by Nick Pollet with cast members such as Duncan Mcnicol, Steve Arhens, Josh Bull and Nick himself shows you the fun involved in a typical surf trip. It's good to watch something out of the ordinary.

Roadtripping from nick pollet on Vimeo.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

marks music machine

It's my week to choose the song,
and this weeks being my first week I'm choosing my favorite artist in the whole world.

Its Young Jeezy - Trap Star / Go Crazy

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh Shit, I'm in Forster and shits getting hectic!! Part 2

After that first night it felt like there was no way I was going to be able to surf for this week.
But I got up early the next day and I must have still been a little pissed. But I was so keen I grabbed my board and went to check the waves.

Me not looking the best after G - Fresh got the better of me.
Chippa didn't care about the hangover, he punched on and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.

Now there was no time to party now, it was time to get to work......
Check these frame grabs from some epic clips we got over the trip.
My good friend and Lensman Riley Blakeway was there to capture the action!

"I want to go right" I say as Chippa eyes off a left.
Tube time for me!
I can't feel my toes.
There is my penis! I've been looking for that.

All around fun trip it was good to get away from the crowd at home.
I kind of got skunked for waves, but it was epic hanging with the Forster boys. For me I'm home now and kicking back for a week before heading to South Oz then Bali for the next leg of Juniors....

I'll be sure to keep you posted

ya boy

Punk Jumps and Tree trunks....

Mitch i love u :)


Happy America Day !!!!!!!!!

Or more formally known as Independence Day or July 4th is a day in which The United States of America Celebrate Americanism... Better yet, not unlike our very own Australia Day they love to get Boozey. This day in particular was special with Huntington beach celebrating their centenary, 100 years of Huntington Beach !

I took a look at the Huntington Beach parade and found some interesting things.


Cheer leaders, good shot haha

salute the soldiers



P.T and friends get shacked on the international surf museum float

We then moved on to bike patrol... The trend for underage teens and alike is to hop on a pushy and ride obscenely drunk around the streets and go from party to party. We had a mob of 15 strong and with only 1 stack and 1 arrest i'd say we had a successful day indeed :)

Bikes and me
Ppl partying in red and blue

Beer Pong
a game these Americans play involving a bunch of plastic cups with beer in them, in which you try and throw a ping pong ball into. If you get it in the cup, they drink whats in that cup. Throw until they are all drunken. NICE

It takes total concentration

until you play a few games, then things get weird

later on we checked out the fireworks display at HB pier. Chickity-check it out...


4th of July Wrap up: 1 bad bike stack, 1 MIP (minor in possession) + one arrest, millions of drunken youths and a lot of fun.

see you next year.

ily xo

Friday, July 3, 2009

you deserve a treat...

So somehow the markblog is almost at 1000 views. I'm content with that.
Here enjoy a short clip of Craig anderson tearing at home put together by Jay Grant.

ily. xo

jman bagel theft! you requested?

Young J-man pleaded guilty to bagel theft....... i decided to mung on the surface area.

Enjoy x

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh Shit, I'm in Forster and shits getting hectic!!

Whats up people!
Its me, your boy from the land of regrets.
It's been a while since my last post and all I can say as an excuse is that I have been a little bitch, surfing and doing not fun things.
But I'm back in action and I have found myself in unknown territory.
Its the mid-north coast, and the town, Forster/Tuncurry.

Last time I stepped foot on this beautiful untouched coastline was earlier this year, but then I didn't get to experience much and got to see what the town actually had to offer.
This time was a different story.....

It was 3 a.m on a Saturday morning, the car was packed full of boards and I was highway bound with one destination. I pick up good mate and new partner in crime Chris "Chippa" Wilson, guzzle down two Grande' Cappuccinos and we are on our way.
After hours and hours of sore anoos and staring at black tar we arrive at our destination. I pull into a long driveway that leads up toward a nice house on a large corner block of land.
This is place called by the locals "Scorpion Valley" will be our home for the next week.

We knock on the door and to our surprise the person who greets us is.......
Newcastle born and bred hustla' and now known for spitting rhymes around the world. G - Fresh is now Australia's most promising up and coming Rap/Hip-Hop Artist who is known for his unique voice and lyrics. Big things are happening for this guy who is just warming up to start a performance at his home town in two weeks time.
He welcomes us with open arms and hands us some beers and we are underway.
Here are just a few photos of how the night turned out....

Benny Goodwin and his female friend made an appearence.
From left to right: Lil Mitch, Our Host Benny Souness and Joe Haddon.
Chippa, G - Fresh and I
Chippa, G - Fresh and our crazy friend Deeky.
Myself and the infamous G - Fresh.

Things didn't turn out too good after that, which we went into town and unfortunately....things got crazy, keep and eye out for what happens next!!

Ya boy