Friday, July 24, 2009

The DIRTY DIRTY South. Fantastic Noodles Pro Junior Wrap Up.

South Oz ehhhhh??
What interests would I have with going to South OZ?
Exactly! None what so ever.
That's what I thought to myself as I boarded my flight departing from Brisbane Airport, destination Adelaide. 

It's stop number 6 on the Australasian Pro Junior Series, The Fantastic Noodles Pro Junior @ Victor Harbour. But may I dare say that the Fantastic Pro Junior was not so fantastic.
Day one was called off due to there being waves over 2 foot (which is usually the so called "ideal" conditions for a contest to run in these days so the contest directors and judges say).
There were a lot of confused Pro Junior surfers questioning the call with 3-4 foot waves rolling through Waitpinga Beach and the contest directors deciding not to hold the competition.

Sure enough the contest was run in knee high waves with a howling offshore. Might I add the freezing cold water to add to things.
So it was under way and to simply describe how the contest unfolded,

Noah Lane won.

Which is fucking great! About time the kid got up there, he rips, he has long blonde unwashed hair, he humbly works at Mt Woodgee surf shop to earn some coin to travel and he like to enjoy some beers from time to time.

There really is nothing interesting to do down at Victor Harbour.
Besides being locked in our cabins with the heater blaring playing shithead in between surfs and waiting for heats.
Although JMAN and I did stumble across something quite interesting............

What on earth is a jumping pillow???
Basically it's just a big pillow filled with air and you can jump on it. It sounds really boring but trust me, this was one of the funniest things I have done in a long time!

JMAN Pulling out the big guns on the Pillow nailing a perfectly executed backflip .
As for me.....well things were not as easy, landing on my head become common to me and so I thought maybe I would just sit out.

I'm late for a flight to Bali,
You heard me! Bali!
I've got myself a date with a large Keramas beast!
So stay tuned for Bali Blog Madness!

Crews xoxo

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