Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh Shit, I'm in Forster and shits getting hectic!!

Whats up people!
Its me, your boy from the land of regrets.
It's been a while since my last post and all I can say as an excuse is that I have been a little bitch, surfing and doing not fun things.
But I'm back in action and I have found myself in unknown territory.
Its the mid-north coast, and the town, Forster/Tuncurry.

Last time I stepped foot on this beautiful untouched coastline was earlier this year, but then I didn't get to experience much and got to see what the town actually had to offer.
This time was a different story.....

It was 3 a.m on a Saturday morning, the car was packed full of boards and I was highway bound with one destination. I pick up good mate and new partner in crime Chris "Chippa" Wilson, guzzle down two Grande' Cappuccinos and we are on our way.
After hours and hours of sore anoos and staring at black tar we arrive at our destination. I pull into a long driveway that leads up toward a nice house on a large corner block of land.
This is place called by the locals "Scorpion Valley" will be our home for the next week.

We knock on the door and to our surprise the person who greets us is.......
Newcastle born and bred hustla' and now known for spitting rhymes around the world. G - Fresh is now Australia's most promising up and coming Rap/Hip-Hop Artist who is known for his unique voice and lyrics. Big things are happening for this guy who is just warming up to start a performance at his home town in two weeks time.
He welcomes us with open arms and hands us some beers and we are underway.
Here are just a few photos of how the night turned out....

Benny Goodwin and his female friend made an appearence.
From left to right: Lil Mitch, Our Host Benny Souness and Joe Haddon.
Chippa, G - Fresh and I
Chippa, G - Fresh and our crazy friend Deeky.
Myself and the infamous G - Fresh.

Things didn't turn out too good after that, which we went into town and unfortunately....things got crazy, keep and eye out for what happens next!!

Ya boy

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