Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy America Day !!!!!!!!!

Or more formally known as Independence Day or July 4th is a day in which The United States of America Celebrate Americanism... Better yet, not unlike our very own Australia Day they love to get Boozey. This day in particular was special with Huntington beach celebrating their centenary, 100 years of Huntington Beach !

I took a look at the Huntington Beach parade and found some interesting things.


Cheer leaders, good shot haha

salute the soldiers



P.T and friends get shacked on the international surf museum float

We then moved on to bike patrol... The trend for underage teens and alike is to hop on a pushy and ride obscenely drunk around the streets and go from party to party. We had a mob of 15 strong and with only 1 stack and 1 arrest i'd say we had a successful day indeed :)

Bikes and me
Ppl partying in red and blue

Beer Pong
a game these Americans play involving a bunch of plastic cups with beer in them, in which you try and throw a ping pong ball into. If you get it in the cup, they drink whats in that cup. Throw until they are all drunken. NICE

It takes total concentration

until you play a few games, then things get weird

later on we checked out the fireworks display at HB pier. Chickity-check it out...


4th of July Wrap up: 1 bad bike stack, 1 MIP (minor in possession) + one arrest, millions of drunken youths and a lot of fun.

see you next year.

ily xo

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