Monday, August 10, 2009

Air Jordan ...

Gatorades newest advert involves the use of over 19000 full Gataorade bottles. Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, yellow and pink flavours where placed carefully to make this amazing Mozaic of jordans famous dunc.

awesome work.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Marks Music Machine

I've spent some time down at Quiksilver headquarters in Victoria this week, so i think it's only fitting i give the boys a plug. Our friend Kram has done an awesome cover of Blitzkrieg Bop, The Ramones Classic. 

(If you weren't aware Quiksilver have come up with an awesome collaboration and have released some rad Ramones inspired threads. You can check it all out next week when the new Quiksilver website it up. More details soon.)

Anyway this is the Clip done featuring good friends and pro surf dogs Craig Anderson, Garrett Parkes Andrew Mooney and of course, Rock and Roll god Mathew Hoy !


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The long awaited Billabong Pro Junior - Keramas - Bali kicks off with style.
The most talked up event on the Junior Series starts in 2-3 foot slop then magically evolves into the best waves ever surfed for an ASP Junior Event!

After everyone settling into their accommodation, knocking back a few cold bintangs, scoping the streets for some young ladies and doing the daily inspection of the "Bounty", it's now time to select weapons and go head on into battle against one fierce foe, a 6 foot Keramas freight-training barrel.

Early standouts include South African Dale Staples, Brent Savage, Eli Jacobs (for eating shit), Cahill Bell-Warren and of course the boy from the bush Teale Vanner.

Contest site, and an interesting looking ash tray.

A few of the boys keeping out of the blistering hot Bali sun.

Where the kids place their weaponry.

Managed to snag myself one in my heat.

Now it was a little unfortunate for some,
JMAN + scooter + caunguu + cat = No surf for JMAN.
Jesse had a little accident riding home after a late night in the bounty and came a gutser on his scooter only 100m away from where he was staying......
But knowing JMAN he kept his spirits high and didn't let a little tumble ruin his trip in Bali!

JMAN looking happy, keeping it real for the boys!

In the downtime between heats we got to really experience the Bali life style!

Up close and personal in the pool.

Flying through the air.

And of course exploring the place with your scooter.

more to come from bali so stay tuned. xo Mitchel Crews Jnr