Thursday, June 11, 2009


So My Cali host Hilly Bopkins has become a grown man now
(if you don't know hilly bopkins check out the latest chickity-check-yo-self, look in topics on the blog).
He has finished high school forever and had his graduation today. For those who have never been to an All american graduation it's just like our Aussy graduation days but 1000 times bigger and therefor 1000 times more boring !
So after the hours of boring shit and watching kids wearing those smart caps, we came back to the trailor park for some "American Tradition"
i believe it's called "shotgun a beer" (or several)...
It goes a little something like this...
Cut a whole in the bottom, pop the ring and go !

Next, feel extremely average but manly...burp a few times.

What bitch ? Give me another one !

So next time your about to crack a beer, think to yourself... "If i shotgun it, i'll get drunk 5 times as fast..."

oh and congrats billy !!!!!


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