Wednesday, June 24, 2009

and it keeps getting better... so we get down


DAY 1.

So after spending almost 400 pointless American dollars and somehow taking 24hrs to travel 5hrs worth of distance, we arrive in Liberia airport. Hot, damp, sticky Liberia YAY :)
But wait.................

No Boards ?
nO bOaRds ?
no BOardS ?
No boaRDS ?

There are many different ways to type these two significant words but it means the same shit.
We officially have no surfboards and they are currently in Atlanta.... FUCK!!!!!!!!!!
When will we get them ?
12 to 48 hrs.... great news.
2 days of sweating it up with a photographer and no surfboards.
Great fucking news.........

oh well our place looks nice .......

After we settle in in our friends place in Tamarindo we realise...

1) The 1st two days of this trip is going to have the best waves of the whole week, and we have no boards.

2) We are in one of the biggest tourist towns in Costa Rica.
3) Beer and Tequila is cheap !

Hence we party. Here we are at our finest....


Making Friends


Lick, Sip, Suck

Billy: i want a taco and i want the candy phone dance ???




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